Understand the effects of Valium for anxiety on your body

by Keith Andrews

The lifestyle of people has changed largely and so is the level of mental stress and anxiety. Anxiety is a common problem observed in people around the globe. It changes the way you feel about yourself and your public behavior. Anxiety leads to fear, nervousness, worry, and apprehension. Everyone suffers from mild anxiety before important events including an interview, athletics event, and public speaking. However, the problem arises when you feel anxious throughout the day. Anxiety can be debilitating in severe cases. Do you know about Valium for anxiety? Valium is one of the most common drugs known for the treatment anxiety and depression.

Valium for anxiety: Understanding therapeutic effects of Valium

Gamma aminobutyric acid is the neurotransmitter used for providing relief in anxiety. GABA is the natural chemical, which controls excessive chemical activity in the brain and most of the antidepressants work by increasing the effectiveness of this medication. Valium works by enhancing the effectiveness of GABA and creates a sedative effect on your body. It is a quick relief medication and the results are visible within 30 minutes of taking the medication.

Valium for anxiety: What are the possible Contraindications with Valium?

If you are looking for Valium for anxiety, you should be aware of the possible contraindications with the medication. It may lead to possible drug interactions and may interact with other organs of the body.

Avoid Valium if you have:

  • Kidney problems
  • Poor liver health
  • Glaucoma (narrow-angle)
  • Lung problems

Regular use of Valium in patients suffering from above medical issues has resulted in worsening the effects. Some of these possible problems include renal failure, low activity of liver, worsening of glaucoma, and even respiratory failure. Valium should not be prescribed to pregnant women as it may affect the growth of the baby. It is known to cause birth defects and in some cases, its effect can be fatal.

Valium for anxiety: Side effects of Valium

Valium can affect the regular working of different organs in your body including lungs, brain, kidneys, eyes, and even heart. Some of the most common side effects of Valium include loss of memory, problem in urination, confusion, double vision, and drowsiness. These side effects may worsen up with the combination of alcohol or other prescription drugs. An overdose of Valium is fatal and it may affect the working of lungs, brain, and heart. If you are planning to take Valium for anxiety, get medical advice before using it at all.

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